'Missing Element'


A series of street screenings and Performances all over Battersea during Wandsworth Arts Fringe 2018

"This project was funded by Agora Arts Circle, a young organisation aiming to support emerging artists and to bring the arts to different audiences. The project leader and curator is Roshanak Khakban. This nomadic pop up exhibition was part of Wandsworth Arts Fringe.

Pop up screens were installed in different locations for a few hours each time to interrupt the viewers. We are looking for a selection of short art videos and short films responding to the idea of the Missing Element. At time accompanied by dancers or performances.

Missing element: The moment a still morphs into a moving image, when one walks down the streets commuting, living and ignoring its surrounding.

A new sign, this disappearing building, the nature living through the seasons, all the details that vanish through our routine. We aimed to explore the given and the gap, the invisible traces of experiences according to a memory."

Agora Arts Circle