A group exhibition at A-Side/B-Side Gallery in Hackney Central 2nd - 14th August 2018

The exhibition will feature the works of: 

Alisha Mir – Leila Hesabi – Patricia Mulligan – Mustafa Boga 

Conceptual in their approach, this show binds artworks and intercommunication in a way that focuses on personal, social and political issues. Their works evident of how life extends beyond its subjective limits which affect universal cultural interactions. Hesabi’s paintings derives of a poetic union; Unity of the written and visual language which becomes her medium. Using mono-print technique she adds sublime traces of a process where the strength of the lines lies within the strength of the poems of Forough Faroukhzad;a contemporary Iranian poet. Mir creates an environment where the uncanny is the reality. The interstitial hybrids transformed on steel become dependant on light for the illusion to emerge. Mulligan’s conceptual approach challenges the dichotomy we continue to reconstruct between Self and Other, between our own ‘atavistic’ and ‘civilised’ selves. Boga’s photographs communicates the relationship between the object and person. By creating a symbolic status and a social structure which links to his background. The power of an object and objectification of the figure. 

Curator: Roshanak Khakban, 



Instagram: @roshi1964 

Photographs by Federico Redaelli // Photopoise LTD

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Private View Photography by Federico Redaelli at Photopoise https://www.photopoise.com

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