The Art Pot’s aim is to get emerging artists and their art to be seen to a worldwide audience. Art is a way of life and should have an impact on everyone’s everyday life. This is an open call for emerging artists working with all mediums to get involved in a print mobile exhibition, curated by Roshanak Khakban (Roshi), Director of The Art Pot LTD.


Once a year, an open is call announced with themes on (Sustain: ability) - (Mobility/ Flux) - (Frequency)

 for artists to respond, from which every 3 months 3 artists and their work will be selected for this exhibition. The works will have to be submitted in a 2D format regardless of their medium, whether being installation, video, performance, painting or sculpture, photography.

Limited amount of each Artist print will be published on tote bags for sale (physically and online sale.)

This will be a good opportunity to get your work seen and be exposed to the general public.


Please submit your updated artist statement (200 words), your website (if applicable), or your social media contact if you prefer. (on Jotform)


Although this exhibition will have no private view every time it is launched, but there will be (an or 2 event/curated exhibition) 6 months in between or at the end of each year for the artist to bring their actual work in any medium to an actual space to be shown to public, friends, and families are invited. It would feed my own curiosity and others who are investing in your work. 

Artists won’t be paying a fee for space (but the delivery of the work is all artists responsibility)

Since there will be 6 artists showing every 6 months, the day before the show will the install. Artists should bring their work to space from 9:00-12:00 max. There will be a meeting with all the artists before they leave the space. The curation of the pieces will be without the artists present (unless it is necessary due to the nature of their work.

The event includes (rough estimate): opening with the artist starting at 5:00 pm. Drinks will be provided, there will be canapés. At 6:00 pm, we open the space for public, friends, and family (which we will be space is free, so you won’t be charged to show your work. But the works you are showing should be confirmed with me first.)

First Exhibition

Artist's Name: Roshanak Khakban

Title: Home, not home